REVIEW: February Favorites

Another month has flown by and we’re getting closer to spring! I hope everyone had a nice February! We completely lucked out here in Bend with the gorgeous, mild weather – I cannot get over all the snow and cold temps the rest of the country got hit with. Every week we got out on a new adventure, whether it was exploring a new hiking trail or revisiting an old favorite.

*I had this blog post all set to be published over a week ago, but life happened and I’ve been taking a much needed break. I’ll hopefully be back to blogging and a bit more normalcy soon.




Here are my February Favorites:

REBBL Super Herbs >> Organic Reishi Chocolate (coconut milk elixir)

I was thrilled when I finally saw this brand show up at our Whole Foods! I had first heard about this drink (and the other flavors) from Another Hungry Vegan – check out her blog for more fantastic reviews and recipes! The struggle I have with buying pre-packaged beverages, is the unnecessary ingredients that come with it. I steer clear of soy and carrageenan, as well as doing my best to avoid natural flavors and agave, so you can imagine my excitement when the label specifically stated that this company NEVER uses those ingredients, as well as no GMO’s, synthetics or preservatives. My kind of company! I actually first chose the Ashwagandha Chai because I’m a sucker for all things chai. It was good, but not quite what I was expecting, flavor-wise. So the following week, I picked up a bottle of the Reishi Chocolate because I LOVE reishi mushroom extract and of course, chocolate. This did not disappoint! Incredibly creamy, rich and pretty much tasted like a delicious superfoods chocolate milk with subtle earthy undertones. Willow LOVED it! I’m also a fan of this beverage because it is rather high in iron and magnesium, as well as healthy fats. I realize that I could make something fairly similar at home, but this is a company that I would love to support. I managed to try the Maca Mocha flavor as well, and it was equally delicious. They’re currently on sale at our local Whole Foods for 2/$6. To learn more about REBBL, please check out their site:

REVIEW: February Favorites // Be Sol-Ful


I have wanted one of my own for such a long time! I’ve given them away as gifts, but never got around to purchasing one for our house. Josh bought me one for my birthday and I LOVE it! The subtle warm glow creates a lovely calming effect while purifying the air. I chose to keep it on a table in our living room, as we spend most of our time downstairs. We plan on purchasing another one for our bedroom upstairs. The benefits of salt lamps are endless, but here are just a few: reduce stress, improve immunity and well-being, reduce air pollution and allergens, brighten your mood, heal headaches, and much more. Josh purchased mine from a local shop here in Bend (Cosmic Depot), but you can find them just about anywhere, even in grocery stores. Click HERE to learn more about the “Vitamins of the Air.”

REVIEW: February Favorites // Be Sol-Ful

COMPASSIONATE PAWS >> Moss Agate & Citrine Bracelet with Tree of Life charm

For my birthday, I ordered myself a gorgeous bracelet from the amazing Jen of Compassionate Paws. You guys. If you haven’t checked out her Etsy or IG page, you are missing out! Beautiful handmade bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings using quality crystals and charms. Jen does custom orders, which is the route I took – I also had her make one for my sister-in-law as a gift (a rose quartz & onyx bracelet). I was amazed at how fast she made them and shipped them within a couple of days. They were even more beautiful than in the photos! I’m trying to figure out a necklace to order next!

REVIEW: February Favorites // Be Sol-Ful

SARI FOODS COMPANY >> Nutritional Yeast

Three years ago I learned about the dangers of folic acid and immediately switched over to a new brand of nutritional yeast that wasn’t fortified – one that contained pure folate. We used Dr. Fuhrman’s for a few years and recently tried a new brand, Sari Foods, that I found through Amazon. Now that we have Amazon Prime, it’s nice to place the order, have it shipped for free and arrive at our door in just a couple of days. I don’t taste a difference in flavor between the two brands, so unless we’re stocking up on Willow’s vitamins, we’ll probably stick to ordering Sari from Amazon. I’ve discussed the dangers of folic acid before, but in case you’re new to my blog here is the link to Dr. Fuhrman’s wisdom on the matter and also an old blog post of mine.

REVIEW: February Favorites // Be Sol-Ful

PACHA BULK SOAP >> Cassia Spearmint

I am obsessed with soap. Sounds silly, but it’s true. I’m constantly on the hunt for new ones and a couple of months ago, I discovered the brand Pacha. I’ve had the pleasure of using a few scents, but this one is my current favorite. It’s not a combo you would think to be anything amazing, but it is absolutely magical! The cinnamon and spearmint together create an invigorating scent that not only wakes even the most tired bodies, but the bar itself exfoliates the skin. Pacha is also a wonderful company! For every bar that is purchased, a bar is given to someone in need. I LOVE companies like that! They’re also organic, as well as certified cruelty-free and vegan. I’ve purchased Pacha soaps from both Whole Foods and Natural Grocers, but you can also order online. To learn more about Pacha and their products, please visit their site –

REVIEW: February Favorites // Be Sol-Ful

I’m starting something new this month and will share books and/or recipes that I’ve enjoyed during the month. I’ll provide links to the recipes or direct you as to where to find them.


I picked this book up in a local used bookstore for only $2 before Willow was born. Between moving a couple of times and life with a toddler, I am just now getting around to reading it. For those who are skeptical about the healing powers of gemstones, this book probably isn’t for you. While I’m not yet finished with it, I’ve really enjoyed what I have read and find it fascinating. It’s kind of like a self-help book that takes you into an almost magical world. The author shares his conversations with the gemstone guardians where we learn each one’s purpose and the powerful healing/therapeutic effects they hold.

REVIEW: February Favorites // Be Sol-Ful

Now for some amazing recipes!

Spicy Cashew Mayo (raw, vegan, gluten-free, oil-free and soy-free) by The Detoxinista blog

This was FANTASTIC! I was drawn to this specific recipe for its simplicity and the fact that it was soy and oil free. The flavor was spot on and the texture was creamy and thick. It was a wonderful addition to our chickpea mash!

Moxarella Cheese aka “Foxy Moxy” by the wonderful Somer of Vedged Out

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful this is. Takes minutes to whip up and the possibilities are endless! We’ve used it in baked pasta, in grilled cheese, quesadillas and as a topping to roasted veggies. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, soy-free and we made it oil-free.

– Quick & Easy Chana Masala from The Oh She Glows Cookbook – Josh made this recipe every week last month to take some for lunch during the work week and it is amazing! Since we already knew that Willow wouldn’t eat this, we kept the spice level as the recipe called for.

Smoky Oil-free Corn Zucchini Cakes with Creamy Lemon Pepper Sauce by Brandi of The Vegan 8

Surprise, surprise! Another incredible recipe by Brandi! Seriously, we were ooooohhhhing and ahhhhing with each bite. Incredibly easy to make and the lemon pepper sauce is so versatile. We used it on potatoes, veggies, collard wraps and salads. We make so many of The Vegan 8’s recipes because there’s no adjustments needed – they’re all gluten-free, vegan, soy-free and oil-free….but packed with flavor!

Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal by The Oatmeal Artist

If you haven’t heard of The Oatmeal Artist yet, go follow her. I was introduced to this oatmeal genius by my friend, Christy, and I have yet to try a recipe of hers that I didn’t love. When mornings aren’t rushed or we don’t have a hangry toddler on our hands, I prefer baked oats over stove top and this is hands down my favorite! It really is like eating a cookie for breakfast.

Lime and Cornmeal Crusted Potatoes (another one by The Vegan 8)

Potatoes + Tacos = PERFECTION. I’ve been on a major lime kick lately and these paired with her Mexican Tahini Sauce is quite literally the best combo in the world.  Even our picky (yep, I’ve gone from calling her finicky to picky) will eat a potato taco! We eliminated the chili powder to keep it Willow-friendly. I highly recommend making this for Taco Tuesday…or really any day!

So, there you have it! I’m already finding some new favorites to share with you next month. I would love to hear any products, books or recipes you’re enjoying!

Thanks for stopping by!