REVIEW: July Favorites

Hello, friends and happy August! I think this is my first favorites post that doesn’t include recipes…we’ve been living on smoothies and salads this summer, so that has meant going back to the basics AND no oven use. My list of “need to try” recipes continues to grow and I’m pretty sure come fall, I’ll be excited to jump in the kitchen to try new recipes!

Speaking of recipes, I only got around to sharing one new creation (pancakes) last month from my kitchen, but I’ve got more coming in the next couple of weeks!

July was a month of travel, new journeys, household projects (when our BIG project is complete, I might have to share about it in a separate blog post), running trials for products for my Etsy shop, trying LOTS of new-to-me products, and reading several books…although not all of them made their way here since I didn’t fall in love with them.

Oh! And we also celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary in July – I’m in shock at how fast the years are flying by!

Before I dive into my favorite products and books, here are some of my favorite photos from last month:

image5 (1)


A trip to Whole Foods isn’t complete without trying on hats and reading through cards…


The view on our hike around Todd Lake – one of our favorite spots:

Todd Lake


J U L Y  F A V O R I T E S


As always, links are provided when available, in bold italics.

NUCO >> Nucoconut Organic Coconut Vinegar (Garlic) >>  One word…obsessed!!! While in Vermont, we found this coconut vinegar in a few flavor options, but we chose to buy garlic. I whipped up a quick salad dressing using this with raw tahini and loved it so much that not only did we make it every day, but we also had to pack it in our suitcase to come home! Only two ingredients: organic coconut sap vinegar, organic garlic – it’s tangy like apple cider vinegar, but it’s packed with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

REVIEW: July Favorites

REBEL KITCHEN COCONUT MYLK (Chocolate and Chai) >> Over the last couple of years I’ve seen people post photos of these, but haven’t seen them in stores near us…well, wouldn’t you know, we found them in Vermont! We don’t buy store-bought milks anymore due to ingredients we avoid (xanthan gum, carrageenan, refined sugar, fortified with folic acid, etc.), but guess what? They’re date-sweetened AND zero gums! Yay! Willow and I loved the flavor and the sweetness level was perfect – my only complaint was finding little clumps of coconut, but that was remedied by more shaking or you could blend it up. Reminded me a little of our other favorite store-bought treat (Rebbl drinks) as that same issue can occasionally occur…but that’s because they don’t contain gums or weird preservatives.

Here’s the ingredient list for the Chai Coconut Mylk:

Spring water, organic coconut milk (11%), organic date nectar, organic cacao, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic turmeric.

REVIEW: July Favorites

búcha® live kombucha >> I failed to take a photo of any of the bottles we consumed, but we found these at the local grocery store in Randolph, Vermont and fell in love! We tried: Guava Mango, Blood Orange, Grapefruit Sage, and Raspberry Pomegranate…our absolute favorite flavor was Blood Orange!

THE RAW FOOD WORLD >> UNFORTIFIED NUTRITIONAL YEAST >> I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to get the email that The Raw Food World started carrying unfortified nutritional yeast! Even better…it’s part of the ‘At-Cost’ specials, so we got an awesome deal. Almost every store-bought nutritional yeast is fortified with synthetic ingredients and since many of you ask where we purchase our unfortified option, here’s yet another place to buy it. Unfortified has a MUCH cleaner flavor and it’s SO much safer for consumption.

REVIEW: July Favorites

BEARDED BROTHERS >> MEGA MACA CHOCOLATE ENERGY BAR >> Before we flew to Vermont, I placed a Vitacost order to be shipped to my in-laws house and this was one of the new items we decided to try. I shared this with Willow and we both really enjoyed it! If it wasn’t so pricey, I would go back and order a bunch to have on hand for those hangry moments. The texture was perfect and I love that the first ingredient is dates, followed by nuts, superfoods, and zero refined sugar. Definitely one of the few bars I feel good about giving to Willow.

REVIEW: July Favorites

KING ARTHUR ALMOND FLOUR >> I found this randomly at Target a few weeks ago and it has become my absolute favorite option for almond flour! The package says super finely ground and seeing as I’ve tried pretty much every option out there, this is hands down the finest almond flour I’ve used…I don’t even have to break up any large clumps.

You can also purchase it via Amazon (link above).

REVIEW: July Favorites

STAR WARS PRESCHOOL WORKBOOKS (3-PACK)>> We found these at Costco just before we left for Vermont and Willow had to have them. As a parent (and homeschooling mom) I LOVE these! For a four-year-old, Star Wars obsessed kid, they’re PERFECT! Willow is in heaven and these have made learning SO much fun. While she is above (hope that doesn’t come off as elitist!) the majority of the content, these workbooks have helped her to fine-tune her form.  I highly recommend checking out a Costco near you because you’ll save some money buying them in a three pack as opposed to individually via Amazon. They also offer higher level workbooks for older kids.

REVIEW: July Favorites

SOULFUL BODY >> SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA ANOINTING OIL >> I’m serious when I say this is like sunshine in a bottle! The color – the warm, happy scent – it leaves me with a sense of confidence + peace. The blend of peppermint, rosemary, and lemongrass is gentle, yet powerful! I’ve been applying it to my wrists throughout the day. I love that there is a golden quartz crystal inside this beautiful bottle. I received this inside a Goddess Provisions box, but you can purchase it via Etsy in the link I’ve provided above.

REVIEW: July Favorites

INSTANT POT >> Did any of you grab a hold of any deals on Prime Day?! I literally squealed when I got the email that the Instant Pot was available for only $69!!! Total steal! It’s been on our house wish list forever so we immediately ordered one…I think Willow’s face sums it up 🙂 Hello to soup in a flash, dried beans cooking faster, and busy days made simpler.

REVIEW: July Favorites



SOUL VOWS by Janet Conner

BE WHAT YOU WISH by Neville Goddard 


Josh and I ordered these two books (links below) for Willow off of Amazon to bring on our trip to Vermont…both are beautiful and send positive messages to kiddos. I highly recommend them!



REVIEW: July Favorites

As usual, I would LOVE to hear from you! Did you try any new products? Read any great books? Watch anything exciting on Netflix? Speaking of Netflix…have you seen the series Stranger Things?! Oh, man. Josh and I just started it and it’s taking every ounce of willpower not to binge watch it!

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts

  1. Look at that sweet face ❤ You have such a gem on your hands 😉
    I love coconut vinegar! I think it beats ACV!
    NOOOCCCHHHH! That's always a happy thing!
    Ah! Tell me how you love the instapot! I want one (even though I have NO room and don't "actually" need one 😉 ) I have a kitchen appliance obsession!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwww!!! Thank you so much! She’s growing up fast ☺️😘

    I think I’m going to agree with you on that – coconut vinegar is pretty amazing!!

    Haha!!! Nooch is life!!! To think when I first tried it I didn’t like it, now I’m sprinkling it on everything 😉

    We seriously have no room for kitchen appliances, but had to have this! We haven’t used ours…yet, but my mom has owned one for about a year and it’s life-changing!! I have a feeling this fall and winter it will be my best friend ❤️

    Happy August, my friend! Hope it’s a great month!! ❌⭕️


  3. I have clearly been doing Whole Foods completely wrong, forgetting the hat and card reading part! Silly me, although I actually spend way too much time there as is lol. That lake with the mountain in the background–stunning! Oh Oregon, you are so beautiful. Now food…I actually tried the Chai Rebel Kitchen milk when I was up there and totally loved it. Probably even more than the Rebbl ones (why must they have such similar names?) And I’ve actually been looking for a good brand of nutritional yeast, I am suddenly really into it, so thanks for the rec. Woohoo!!! I think you totally won at Prime Day! I think I got a swimsuit on Prime Day for like 30% off…not nearly as exciting but needed. I am very curious to hear more about this BIG project!!! And also actually looking forward to cooler weather solely because it means I can restock on good stuff from your shop 🙂 I’m trying to ration what I have…it’s been tough. Much love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha!!!! It’s never a quick trip for us because she seriously insists on looking through a big portion of the cards! Oh, and if she spots the rack of sunglasses, it easily tacks on an extra 10-15 minutes 😂
      Right??? I think it’s a little crazy that they basically have the same name…that chai milk was sooooo good! Since you have Prime, I highly recommend checking out Sari Foods for nutritional yeast (free shipping!) because they’re also unfortified ☺️ I didn’t even think to look for a bathing suit!!! I really need a new one! So I think that’s actually exciting!
      Well, I think our big project is waaaaay more exciting to us than it will be to others, but might be worth sharing still 😂 I am REALLY looking forward to cooler weather!! My mind instantly went to all things pumpkin and using the oven (roasted potatoes and various other veggies) 😉 but I’m also excited to get new things in my shop. You’re so sweet! Thank you, Natalie!! Lots of love to you!! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Thank you! We took her to Barnes & Noble the other day and she found the workbooks for older kids and asked for them…she’s so obsessed with workbooks, but mostly Star Wars 🙂


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