Pain free and loving it!

So I’ve come to find that knowledge really is power and one should never stop learning new things…especially if it could lead to a better you.  I, in no way, claim to be a nutritionist, or an expert on being healthy, but over the past few months I have overcome numerous health issues…some that I have suffered with since high school.  The way I look at it, if I am able to live a pain-free life and improve my health and well-being, I want to share it with as many people as I possibly can…in hopes of helping even just one person.

Since high school I have suffered from chronic migraines…one even lasted three months!  Pain so unbearable and nothing helped.  My doctor put me on the medication Topamax and said that I would most likely be on it for life.  Since 2007, I made six trips to the ER and spent one night in the hospital because the pain was so bad.  They poked and prodded – did every test you can imagine, including a spinal tap, but were never able to figure out what was wrong.  I later found out that I had food sensitivities/allergies which triggered the majority of my migraines…foods such as, bananas, pineapple, tomatoes, peanuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, and a few others.  I eliminated all of those foods and my three month migraine disappeared.  Unfortunately, it didn’t help completely.  A few years ago I was also told that I had osteoarthritis in my neck…another very painful and sometimes debilitating problem.  The last health issue I encountered was colitis (caused from taking Excedrin Migraine…and I only used it because a doctor told me to).   All of the pain I went through every day lead to depression and I thought, this is life and I need to learn to live with it.

Well, all of this changed a few months ago, thanks to my cousin Miranda and changing my diet.  I should mention that the past four years I’ve been vegan and vegetarian since the age of 13…so I’ve been eating a healthy diet for nearly 20 years.  In September, I took myself off of all medications, went mostly raw, and added superfoods into my daily diet.  Shilajit and MSM have become my best friend (hence the name of my blog).  Since then, I haven’t had a migraine and all of my other health issues diminished.  After realizing just how easy it was to improve my health, I’ve decided to share my journey with anyone who will listen!  I hope you’ll come back and read the tips and recipes that have helped me.

“Let food be thy medicine”  –  Hippocrates