Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts {AIP, Vegan}

Just when I thought gluten-free baking had its tricky moments, I dove head first into the grain-free, nut-free baking world and it is 100 times harder than I thought! So many failed attempts with either gummy textures or mushy. Upon researching, I learned that AIP baked goods, more often than not, produce a different texture and unless grain-free is all you’ve ever known, it might also take some time to get used to. During my MANY trials, I also learned the importance of two things:

  1. DO NOT over mix the batter.
  2. Allow baked goods to cool completely before eating…this was VERY hard for me.

Have I scared you away? Haha! I promise these donuts are delicious and picky eater approved. I have written here that this recipe makes 12-14 donuts and I say this because Miss Willow will eat the batter by the spoonfuls! Each time I’ve made them, she helps herself to the bowl, leaving me to estimate how many it officially makes 😉

If you’re not on an autoimmune diet, I do have two other donut recipes on the blog and both use gluten-free (all purpose) flour and nuts. Check them out HERE and HERE.

Since I have made this recipe a gazillion times, I have added notes on variations, but I cannot attest to any other flours (coconut, banana, sweet potato, etc.).

Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts {AIP, Vegan}


Makes 12-14 mini donuts

What you need:

  • 1 cup Otto’s Naturals Cassava Flour*
  • 1/4 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk (gum-free)*
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin puree*
  • 1/4 cup softened coconut butter*

For coating:

  • 2 Tablespoons coconut sugar (or maple sugar)
  • 1-2 teaspoons Ceylon cinnamon

*NOTES: I buy the cassava flour from Natural Grocers, but you can also find it on Amazon. I use Trader Joe’s canned organic coconut milk as it is free from any gums or strange additives. Instead of pumpkin puree, you can use unsweetened applesauce and they’re just as delicious! As for the coconut butter, I have also used half coconut butter + half coconut oil or all coconut oil…all three variations produce a very similar texture and flavor, so it comes down to preference or what you have on hand.

How to:

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F and grease your mini donut pan(s).
  2. Combine the coconut milk + ACV, set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, mix together the coconut sugar and coconut butter until well combined. I actually like to use my stand-up mixer for this to kind of cream it together until it resembles a sand-like consistency.
  4. Next add in the remaining wet ingredients (applesauce, milk + ACV) and mix until thoroughly combined.
  5. Then add in all of your dry ingredients and mix until just combined – be careful not to overmix. The batter will be VERY thick and you’ll be tempted to add in extra milk to thin it out, but resist that temptation!
  6. Pipe the batter into your donut pan – fill it almost up to the top (the batter will not rise like usual donuts) and using your fingers or a small spatula, flatten/smooth down the batter. If you don’t have a piping bag, grab a Ziploc bag, spoon the batter into it, seal it and snip off a corner.
  7. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Remove from oven and allow to set in the pan for another five minutes. While they’re setting, combine the mixture of cinnamon and coconut sugar in a Ziploc bag.
  8. Remove the donuts from the pan and shake them in the bag of cinnamon + coconut sugar. Allow them to set on a cooling rack until completely cool. Another option is to remove the donuts from the pan and allow them to cool, brush them with melted coconut oil and dunk them in a bowl of cinnamon + coconut sugar. OR dunk them in melted chocolate for a more decadent version (although, that last option isn’t AIP friendly)!
  9. Enjoy! I recommend pairing them with a hot mug of tea or apple cider.

***These donuts are best eaten the day they’re made – so make them and share!

Here is a very ugly, but real photo of what they look like when they first come out of the oven…they won’t look perfect, but coated in cinnamon + coconut sugar will make everything better!

Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts {AIP, Vegan}
Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts {AIP, Vegan}
Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts {AIP, Vegan}
Thanks for stopping by!


29 thoughts

  1. Yes! Yay! I have been waiting to see these beauties pop up here 🙂 I cannot wait to try them, just have to get some coconut butter! And Willow and I usually are on the same page for what’s yummy, so I’m excited to try the batter too! I have yet to try baking anything AIP so this should be interesting. They look wonderful inside and out! Happening this week 🙂


    1. Haha!! You two really do have similar tastes, so I think you’ll like them! I actually took my coconut pecan donut recipe and played around with it until it passed Willow’s approval 😉😂 Whenever I make these, she plows through 3-4 in a sitting. Gosh, I was so shocked at how tricky AIP baking can be – I tried a few recipes I found via Pinterest and they all ended up in the trash. Which is hard because the grain-free flours are pricey! Thank you, friend! Let me know if you try them! ❤️


    1. Well, thank you, Rebecca!! I just picked up some tigernut flour so that is my next flour to play with! Haha! You’ve used it before, right?? I need to go search your blog 😉


  2. Omg I’ve missed soo many posts! I never get your emails and it sucks! I only happened to see this new recipe because Natalie made these and posted them on Instagram! Omg, they look soooo good! I’ve seen cassava flour used on IG on some accounts, which is how I discovered it but it’s not in any stores in my city, so I’ve never tried it. I know it comes from the tapioca plant, correct? I always would think if it’s the main flour it would make things really gummy and gooey? I know if I use too much tapioca starch in things, that happens, but I guess this stuff is like the whole plant or something, haha. I’m glad you shared the realistic photo of what they look like out of the oven, haha! But like you said, just more coconut sugar on top will hide that. I LOVE your other donuts because they are so soft and light and perfect, how do these compare in texture? Love that you used coconut butter too, it’s one of my favorite ingredients to use in my baked goods, so yummy!

    Olivia does that same thing with batter. Every single time I am baking something, she knows that she will get to lick the bowl, lol!


    1. No worries!! I wish I knew what was going on with that because I have a few other people who have told me that they aren’t receiving the email updates 😦 I will have to look into that because it says you’re subscribed to my blog.
      Natalie emailed me to tell me she made them! I was so thrilled to hear she enjoyed them! I just started seeing cassava flour in our stores about a month ago – before that I was ordering it through Amazon. Cassava flour comes from cassava root and is the whole plant and tapioca flour also comes from the same plant, but tapioca flour is the bleached and processed starch – kinda crazy – so while they look a lot alike, they’re very different when it comes to baking. Yes, it can definitely have a gummy texture, which is why it took me SO many trials to get the texture right – and why it’s so important to allow the donuts to cool completely before eating ☺️
      It’s hard to compare these to my other donut recipes because the ingredients are so different, but these actually have a really nice light texture too. Haha! We LOVE coconut butter and since it’s the only “butter” I can consume these days, it’s being used in everything!
      Haha!!! Willow waits for the bowl and will constantly ask me, “are you done yet, mama?” 😂


  3. You are amazingly talented to come up with yet another version of your amazing donuts.
    You blow me away!!

    Also Im sending this to a friend who had celiacs and is also grain free and always looking for creative ways to eat tasty favorites like donuts!


    1. Well, aren’t you the sweetest! Gosh, it is so tricky when it comes to grain-free baking…I’m hoping this won’t be a permanent thing for me! Awww! Thank you – I appreciate you sharing it! It’s always nice to find treats that you can actually eat! Ha! I hope she gives them a try. I’m hoping to have a few more grain-free recipes coming in the next month or two! xo


  4. These look amazing and I am going to make them this morning for my family! I am wondering if you have any ideas to make these lower fat…would regular coconut milk (in the carton) work rather than canned coconut milk? Or something to substitute the manna with? If not, I’ll just have a nibble!


    1. Hi!! Thank you! I don’t use coconut milk in the carton because they have additives/gums that I can’t have…so I haven’t tried it…I imagine any version of coconut milk would work, but the outcome could change a little 🙂 The reason why I use coconut butter is because it replaces the oil normally found in donuts. If you’re not following an AIP diet, I highly recommend checking out my other two donut recipes!! They’re not low fat, but I prefer the texture of those as opposed to the cassava flour ones here. Please let me know if you do try them! I have a good friend who really enjoys these! ❤


  5. Hello, I made these, used pumpkin and used a mini bundt pan which is like mini donuts but they turned out gummy. I cooked them gor 10 mins and checked and the toothpick came out clean so I thought they were done. Any ideas? My coconut milk was in a can but had gum so could that make a problem? Everything else was the same, flour same brand. I used the apple cider with thr mother also.



    1. Hi, Cindy!
      I am so sorry to hear that yours turned out gummy 😦 I struggled a lot with cassava flour in the beginning and almost all of my experiments ended in a gummy texture. I have learned that small sized baked goods and allowing them to cool completely helps a lot. I found that mini donuts work best to allow for more even baking – does that make sense? The type of coconut milk could play a factor as I’ve only ever used gum-free, but I cant be sure. My first guess would be that they weren’t baked long enough?? I use ACV with the mother, too so I know that wasn’t it 🙂 Are you on an AIP or grain-free diet?? If not, I would steer you towards my other donut recipes instead 🙂 Again, I am sorry to hear these didn’t turn out for you.


  6. The flavor of these was very, very good. I am having a cooking problem using the Baby Cakes mini donut maker that says only to cook them in it for 5 minutes….Is your educated guess that the texture would improve if cooked longer in donut pan in the oven? I notice from your photo that your texture looks right while mine still looks chewy. I have to say that I’ve eaten a bunch anyway!


    1. Hi!! I apologize for the delay! It’s funny you should mention the mini donut maker because I have one and struggled with the texture as well! I would maybe try again in the oven with actual donut pans. Haha!! I’m glad to hear that they were at least still edible!! Let me know if you try them again. Thank you for the feedback ❤️❤️


  7. HELP! Just made these and while they looked cooked on the outside, they were gummy on the inside. We live at a higher altitude, just looking for some help with cassava flour. Tried 3 recipes and all have been a bust. Wondering if I should have just cooked the donuts longer or adjusted the amount of flour. Any feedback would be great!


    1. Oh, no! I am so sorry!! Cassava flour is super tricky to work with! I lost track of how many recipes I’ve tried or trials I ran for my own creations. The biggest key is to let baked goods cool completely, which is so hard considering we love things fresh from the oven. You could certainly try baking them a little longer OR add less flour. Not sure where you live, but here in Bend, OR I’m constantly adjusting recipe times and ingredients! I wish I could be of more help…I find that for a lot of people, cassava flour tends to be an acquired taste and texture! It certainly got me through my AIP stint and in talking with some people, I was told that working with cassava flour without eggs can also be challenging. Sorry for the ramble! And sorry that this recipe was a bust for you 😦


  8. Made these today and loved them. They are not a super light texture for me, a little denser and a little chewier but I used coconut milk from a carton and coconut oil instead of coconut butter. Overall though…a total flavor win!! Thanks so much!


    1. Yay! So glad you made them and they didn’t completely disappoint 😉 the texture and consistency is so much different with AIP baking, isn’t it?? I don’t think it would alter the results with carton coconut milk, unless the milk had added gums. Glad these worked for you flavor-wise!! If you’re able to, in the future, you should give my gluten-free (not AIP) cinnamon donuts a try…they’re a family favorite! Thank you for the feedback, always appreciated! Have a great weekend ❤️


    1. Yay!! I’m so glad you enjoyed them! You’ve just added another reason to my ever-growing list of “why we need an air fryer” 😂 You’re the first person I’ve heard from that’s made donuts in one and now I’m really intrigued!! Thank you for giving this recipe a try! ❤️


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