YOU are Beautiful

I am 5’4″ and 120lbs. I’ve been called fat, big-boned and thick…and during my unhealthy, sick years, I was called all the opposite – a walking skeleton, a rail, skin and bones. Why am I telling you this? All of those words did damage to my body image. Our society’s concept, or definition of what’s considered “beautiful” is sad. Women are starving themselves for a thigh gap or flat abs; they’re covering up their curves and hiding behind makeup. I’m also sharing this with you to be honest with myself, to embrace the body I was given and to work on self-love.


While I personally do not use or support Dove products, I can get behind the message they’re trying to send. According to their research, only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful and the saddest part, only 11% of girls globally are comfortable describing themselves as ‘beautiful’.  As a woman who struggles with self-esteem and positive body image, I am working hard to be a better person for my daughter. From the moment Willow was born, I vowed never to use the words “fat” or “skinny” and to be more confident with who I am and what I look like. To focus more on health, happiness and well-being and less on the numbers on the scale or the size of my jeans.

The other night I stumbled upon Dove’s Legacy video and it really hit home. I’m sure Willow has seen me make awful glares in the mirror or even heard me say something negative about my body under my breath…that all stops now. I’m sharing this with you because I think it’s so important that we raise girls to be more confident, to look in the mirror and smile – be proud of who they are. Words can be so damaging. So, mamas, please be positive; be a role model for your sweet girls. Love your body and treat it right – teach your girls to do the same. Most importantly, teach them that beauty is more than just a pretty face.

“The way a girl feels about her beauty starts with how you feel about yours.”

So, from this day forward, NO MORE negative self-talk or thoughts. YOU are beautiful. In fact, I say we all need to make a list of what we like about our bodies, not what we hate. Write it down and be proud. We influence our children, even when we don’t think we are.

You can read more about Dove’s social mission HERE


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