RECIPE: Creamy Orange-Tahini Dressing

Salads are probably my favorite thing to eat and the best part about them is the endless variations.  Adding different toppings changes the whole flavor – sliced granny smith apples, hazelnuts, red pepper, and more.  I love finding and creating new salad dressings….couldn’t tell you the last time I even purchased an already made dressing.  Anything homemade is so fresh and you know exactly what’s in it.

Here’s what I created this morning:

Creamy Orange-Tahini Dressing:

1 – orange peeled and seeded ( I used a Cara Cara orange because they are less acidic)

1/4 – 1/2 cup of raw tahini (I used Artisana Raw Organic Tahini)

a generous pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

a couple of dashes of chipotle powder (Whole Foods carries a great organic option)

dash of curry powder

a couple of dashes of cumin

a dash of smoked paprika

water (as needed)

Blend until smooth.  Slowly add water until you’ve reached your desired consistency.  Add more seasonings if needed.  Use on salads, dip raw veggies, or use as a marinade for dehydrated kale chips!

It has a slightly sweet, creamy, smoky flavor.