You Are What You Eat

I just watched the documentary, Food Matters, on Netflix…it’s been on our instant queue for a long time, but got lost in the mix of 130 other videos.  I’ve seen a number of documentaries over the past few years that stress the importance of a healthy diet – all very good, but I didn’t really learn anything new.  Last year I watched The Beautiful Truth and was absolutely dumbfounded that modern medicine denies such a simple therapy.  For those who have not seen it, it focuses on Dr. Max Gerson’s natural therapy to cure cancer.  Unfortunately, it is illegal in most countries around the world to treat cancer patients with natural/nutritional therapy.  You’d have to go to Mexico or Hungary to find a Gerson Clinic.  Food Matters talks about how modern medicine is doing more harm than good and how people should stop being patients – take matters into your own hands.  We should take responsibility for our health – if we improve our diets, we can beat illness.  The solution has always been there, we just need to step up to the plate and take charge.  I wanted to share some statistics that were in the film…

Heart disease and cancer are the top two killers in the U.S. annually.  Additionally each year…..

39,000 people die due to unnecessary surgery and other errors in hospitals

80,000 people die due to other infections in hospitals                    

106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions

Heart disease kills 652,486 people/year

Cancer kills 553,888 people/year

Modern medicine kills 225,000 people/year

Today’s doctors receive little if any training in nutrition….in fact “Less than 6% of graduating physicians in the USA receive any formal training in nutrition.”  There is food with therapeutic equivalents, but then that would mean the drug companies would lose money.  There are some doctors out there who recognize the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Dr. Dean Ornish has proven that a plant-based diet can arrest or reverse cardiovascular disease without the use of drugs or surgery.  Dr. Abram Hoffer (1917-2009) worked with Bill W. (founder of Alcoholics Anonymous) with vitamin therapy.  Bill W. suffered from severe depression and Dr. Hoffer suggested he take Niacin daily.  By taking 3,000 mg daily, he overcame depression.  He wanted the people of A.A. to follow vitamin therapy, but A.A. was infiltrated by the drug companies.  Niacin is not the only vitamin that is therapeutic.

Vitamin E is good for heart disease, good for healing burns, and good for epilepsy.  Vitamin C is an anti-toxin, anti-histamine, anti-viral, blood sugar regulator, and mood elevator.  When Vitamin C is given in high doses, it can kill cancer cells and unlike chemotherapy or radiation, Vitamin C doesn’t damage healthy cells.  Dr.  Gerson recognized that vitamins and large quantities of organic fresh vegetables could reverse cancer.  Hippocrates believed that the human body had an innate capacity for self-healing….vitamins enable the body to heal itself.

It’s a harsh reality for some – “you are what you eat.”  When you eat too much of the wrong thing (fast food, sugar, meat, processed food), you are most likely heading down the road to disease.  You’re lifestyle really does determine your fate.  In this documentary, David Wolfe says that in order to improve your life, your food choices must correlate.  Shift away from corn, wheat, and soy and make the shift to superfoods.  Go back to the basics!  The single most reason people aren’t doing this is because it takes responsibility.

Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve made the decision to take responsibility of my health…I am no longer a patient to a doctor….my body is my doctor.  My body tells me when something is wrong and when I adjust my diet or increase a certain mineral/vitamin my health issues vanish.  I used to be on some pretty intense medications that only made things worse….not one doctor suggested for me to change my diet.   By following a mostly raw food diet filled with superfoods (goji berries, raw cacao, MSM, shilajit, camu camu, maca, and more) I’ve eliminated ALL drugs (over the counter and prescription)…thus eliminating every health issue.

Please check out Food Matters….take the first step towards better health.  I also recommend watching The Beautiful Truth and The Gerson Miracle.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates