FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we’re talking with the beautiful Laura of @rawtil4veganista! Words cannot even begin to describe how inspiring she is. Laura completely turned her health around and has dropped 110 pounds since changing her diet and lifestyle. She radiates good energy and her face absolutely glows with happiness – you can especially see it in her “after” photos on Instagram. I admire people who take their health and well-being into their own hands and realize that they can make a difference.

FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

Interview with Laura…

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I grew up in Northern California but I have been living in Austin, Texas for last four 1/2 years. I have a lot of hobbies! I figure why limit myself right?! I enjoy yoga, running, dancing, gardening, cooking, creating, music, sewing, singing.. The list goes on and on!

FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

When did you go vegan? What was your “Aha” moment?

I went vegan 7 months ago. I had been vegetarian for a while before then. Originally I had been on an ultimate quest for health when I became a vegan. After educating myself further those first few weeks, I began to feel a deep connection to veganism and all living things. I was sexually abused as a child for over 11 years and once my eyes had been opened to the rape and torture happening every second to innocent animals around the globe, for centuries mind you, it changed me. It connected me to each living creature from that moment on. I’ve been an ethical vegan ever since.

What is the hardest part about being vegan?

The hardest part about being vegan is not having enough vegan friends!

What does natural health mean to you?

Natural health to me means to rely on gifts from nature: plants, herbs, fruits, crystals etc to flourish and thrive and gain health in positive ways.

What is your favorite cruelty-free product and why?

My favorite cruelty free product is my homemade deodorant! It’s so easy to make and I love making it for my family!

Who or what inspires you?

Honestly, there are so many people on Instagram who inspire me on a daily basis! I couldn’t name them all! All of my vegan Momma’s you know who you are! I find inspiration in empowering others. It’s inspiring to me to see so many others out there who receive joy in making others happy.

FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

A kitchen gadget you cannot live without?

A kitchen gadget I cannot live without is my vitamix or food processor!

FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal would have to be my homemade macaroni and cheese filled romaine tacos! Or pizza, because let’s face it, pizza will always be there when people disappoint.

Three of your favorite cooking ingredients.

Three of my favorite cooking ingredients are coconut sugar, nutritional yeast and maple syrup.

Favorite resources regarding a plant-based lifestyle?


Any tips or words of advice to anyone considering a plant-based lifestyle?

Be kind to yourself during this process! Loving yourself and others along the way and finding a community of beautiful plant-based foodie friends online will totally help!

Favorite quote.

“What lies behind us and what lies beneath us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Three words to describe you.

Loving, determined, brave

FRIDAY FEATURE: Interview with Laura of @rawtil4veganista

Where can we find you via social media? IG, FB, blog address, etc.

IG @rawtil4veganista

Blog coming soon!
Thank you, Laura, for sharing a little bit about yourself!
Thanks for stopping by!

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